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How We Can Help

MY SHORT SALE RESCUE, LLC owned and operated by Karen R. Spell, Esq.  is your answer to the short sale process.  Let us negotiate your short sale using our exclusive training, experience and revolutionary software. We have an outstanding success rate in getting your transaction approved and closed.  Your time is freed up to do what you do best, list and sell.  My process will protect REALTOR commission,  substantially shorten the short sale process,  and will keep both agents and their clients informed with 24/7 online access to their file history.   A consultation with the seller(s) to help them understand their options relevant to their situation is included.  Best of all there is no cost up front, out of pocket or at closing for my service* when Karen R. Spell, P.A. negotiates and closes your transaction.  In addition you will  always receive real time notifications as to any updates to your file .  The following are just a few of the benefits of using MY SHORT SALE RESCUE to negotiate your short sale includes.

  1. Compilation of a complete short sale package for submission to the lender(s).
  2. A title search will be ordered when the order is placed with me to ascertain any hidden title defects (deal breakers) giving me time to deal with them and ongoing updates will be ordered to monitor the title status. All lien holders will be contacted and amounts owed negotiated if necessary.
  3. Review of seller documentation prior to submission for completeness and errors.
  4. Immediate notification to the lenders of our negotiating role in the transaction.  I will provide a document for the sellers’ signature to Stop Harassing Bank Calls upon request.
  5. Preparation of a Preliminary HUD for submission with short sale package.
  6. At  least weekly update calls to lenders, more if circumstances require and appropriate file history updates.  All parties will be called immediately if action is required.
  7. Provide BPO contacts .  NOTE:  I have revolutionary software to help support an offer against an unrealistic BPO.
  8. Provide a cents on the dollars analysis of your short sale offer vs.what the bank will realize if it takes the house back in foreclosure.  VERY POWERFUL STUFF!!!.
  9. Obtain all HOA payoffs and lien releases.
  10. Hold escrow deposits and provide FREC acceptable receipts for same.
  11. Coordinate closing times and dates with all parties once approval is obtained.
  12. Monitor Approval deadlines and obtain extensions if necessary.

Do not negotiate another short sale without my assistance.

* no charge for transactions $125,000 or more.